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Micro suction and Irrigation are two standard ear wax removal methods that help you hear more clearly.

Micro suction is the safer and more effective way of removing that excessive ear wax, unlike syringing. This is because its main job is to ensure that it does not touch the ear part deemed to be the more sensitive part of the ear, and it will also not affect the eardrum.

85% of wax removal specialists like Friel hearing offer the option of ear syringing but only around 15% of them perform the procedure. For Micro suction, this should be performed every three months

What Is The Difference Between Microsuction and Irrigation?


Microsuction is a safe and gentle way of removing any wax from the ears. This process uses the power of a soft suction feeling that carefully removes any build-up from the ears that could cause any other problems.


This is known as ear syringing. It removes the wax from the ear by using a tool that links to a system that then uses water to gently remove the blockage from the ear canal or wherever the wax is placed.

What Is The Price Of Ear Microsuction And Ear Irrigation?

The prices for both of these procedures will depend on how much wax is in the ear and how long it will take to remove it.


The standard price for ear micro suction removal is between £50-£60, depending on the ear wax in the ear, and if no wax is located at this appointment, you will need to book another appointment.


The cost of ear irrigation used to be free, but now it is no longer available at that rate, and now, if you are getting your ears syringed, you will have to pay a payment of £80 for this to take place.

What Method Of Ear Micro Suction VS Ear Irrigation Is Used At Friel Hearing?

In the clinic at Friel, hearing the method of removing wax that we use is micro suction as it is a lot gentler and less forceful on our patient’s ears as it is a relatively timeless and straightforward process. It is kind to their ear canals.

Why Is Ear Irrigation No Longer The Main Way To Remove Ear wax?

This way of removing wax is no longer used because it damages the central part of the ear and its canal. Irrigation was also a hazardous procedure as you could not control the amount of water that went into the ears, which caused many problems.

What Are The Benefits Of Ear Microsuction?

A survey has found that micro suction is over 90% effective in removing ear wax.

The other benefits of Microsuction are;

  1. Safer than Irrigation
  2. A quick removal process
  3. doesn’t cause any moisture in the ear

wax removal with Friel Hearing Services

What Are The Side Effects Of Ear Microsuction?

The possible side effects of ear micro-suction are; dizziness, faintness or vertigo during this short procedure. However, this is not long-lasting as this process cools the temperature of the ear canal.

What Are The Benefits Of Ear Irrigation?

  1. Safer than syringing
  2. Quick removal process
  3. Is effective

What Are The Side Effects Of Ear Irrigation?

The side effects of ear irrigation are; discomfort or pain in the ear canal, tinnitus or ringing in the ears, and dizziness and other ear wax in the ear canal if it is not all removed.

Friel hearing is the top leading hearing removal and services specialist. We are known for working at the highest possible standard of hearing care that the clients can have done within their own homes.

This is the one thing that they will not compromise on.

What Method Of Earwax Removal Would You Choose?

Friel Hearing Services, is based in Lancashire, and is ran by Andrew Friel, who is a well-known and highly skilled, NHS Hearing Audiologist with a degree and over 20 years’ experience in hearing care.

At Friel Hearing, we offer a range of different hearing services that can be performed in our clinic or from the comfort of your own home.

This includes ear micro suction and ear irrigation.

If you are in the Lancashire area and are curious about finding which service will be the right one for you, you can call our Blackburn clinic on 01254 699 997 or alternatively our Poulton-Le-Fylde clinic on 01253 896 022.

On the other hand, email, us at [email protected]


Ear Micro suction Vs Ear Irrigation