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Hearing Aids

Most Hearing impairments can be helped with amplification in the form of a Hearing Aid.


Most modern Hearing Aids are small, cosmetically discrete so there is no need for anyone to know that you are wearing one. They also feature automatic volume control, so are never too loud and never too quiet, and automatic feedback reduction means they no longer whistle. Wireless technology also allows for Hearing Aids to connect directly with the Television or telephone.

Private Hearing Aids are available to suit every budget, with small in the Ear custom made instruments starting from just £595.00. Find out more about our hearing aids below...

60 day hearing aid trial

Free 60 day trial

All Hearing Aids are fitted for a free 60 day trial.
50% Deposit required, fully redeamable if trial unsuccessful.

Which Hearing Aid Is Right For Me?

There are a variety of Manufacturers (all of whom Andrew deals with) and a vast array of Hearing Aids available. After the initial Hearing Assessment, Andrew will make recommendations as to which types of Aids are suitable for the specific Hearing loss, based upon individual lifestyle and history of the patient.

No Pressure & No Gimmicks

Andrew does not work to sales targets as with many larger National companies, so there is no pressure to purchase an Aid.

Andrew Friel Hearing Services from the outset, has taken the decision not use sales gimmicks, but to provide best service, most appropriate hearing aid fitting and transparent pricing representing best value for service provision.

Quality Hearing Aid Aftercare

When purchasing an Aid from Andrew Friel Hearing Services, you are not only buying the Instrument itself, but a complete package of free aftercare and service that goes with it.

Real Ear Measurement & Live Speech Mapping

For the accurate fitting of Hearing Aids, Andrew uses live speech mapping and Real Ear Measurement to ensure that Instruments are programmed to the correct prescription for each client. Probe microphones are placed within the client’s ear to ensure that the Aid is delivering the correct sound at the ear-drum.

Tailored Hearing Aids & Bespoke Fittings

The final programming or setting of an Aid is arrived at after a number of visits to fine tune and after a number of week’s trial for the client to acclimatise to the amplification. Andrew listens to the client, their expectations and experiences with the Aid and adjusts programming/settings for the most tailored and personalised of fittings.

Warranty & Backup

All Aids are provided with a minimum 2 year manufacturer’s warranty, which can be extended up to 5 years.

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