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“FANTASTIC!! Omg where do i start! First off im 27yr old and came to Andrew after someone at work recommended him as i woken up completely deaf in my left ear from a build up of ASSUMED wax. Went to my GP who basically looked inside, said it was blocked and to use oil drops to clear the build up... Did this for one week and no change at all!

Finally i get to Andrew and after inspecting my ears and using his safe vacuum technique rather than dangerously shooting water down my ear he NOTICES A FOREIGN OBJECT.

He only goes and pulls out a yellow plastic BB GUN PELLET i got stuck down there playing around when i was 14 TEARS OLD! This thing had been in my ear for 13years and had accumulated wax and i guess last week finally covered my entire ear drum!!!

So thankful i went to Andrew, i can hear more than i ever could to be honest it's amazing and he is a great guy gentle and incredibly knowledgeable. Think I was his first ever bb pellet in the 20 years he's been doing what he does hahaa! MIND BLOWN and all this for a mere £30 made it all the sweater!

Thanks again Andrew I'll definetly recommend you on to anyone that needs it, they'll say the bb pellet lad sent them 😄”

Adam - Google Review

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