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Andrew Friel

Clinically trained (NHS Hospitals) since 2009 in Micro suction Wax Removal .With Andrew, you are in safe, experienced hands. Over 25 years experience in Audiology with advanced knowledge of Audiological Science (Masters Degree University College London UCL)

  • Andrew Friel M.Sc (Audiological Science) HAD RCCP (Clinical Audiologist)
  • Masters Degree in Audiological Science (University Of Central London)
  • Over 25 Years of Experience within Audiology
  • NHS Trained and Certified
  • NHS Clinically Trained in Micro Suction (Wax Removal)
  • All of Andrews services can be conducted in your own home at your convenience

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Get a thorough hearing test or safe wax removal from the comfort of your own home with Friel Hearing Services.

Are you worried about your hearing? Do things not sound as clear as they once did? It could be something as simple as a build-up of wax. Whatever the reason, we will have a solution.

Hearing Services

Hearing loss – Don’t suffer in silence! Our thorough, Covid safe hearing tests, hearing aids, and ear wax removal will give your hearing a new lease of life. 

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Hearing Tests

Andrew provides Hearing Assessment using the very latest, high specification, diagnostic equipment.

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Hearing Aid Repairs

Most Hearing Aid repairs can be done immediately on site by Andrew, without having to send away to the manufacturer.

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Wax Removal

Andrew provides micro suction services to safely and quickly remove Ear Wax from your ears.

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About Andrew Friel


Andrew Friel has worked in hearing care for over 20 years. He has a Masters degree in Audiological Science from University College, London and is a highly qualified Private Hearing Aid Audiologist with a vast array of experience. So, you can be confident that you are in good hands.

Andrew travels all over Lancashire, visiting clients in their home. Our services, including our hearing assessments and ear wax removal can be carried out at home. Andrew wears full PPE and follows a stringent Covid safety policy. Our at-home hearing services are ideal for those who can’t get out and about as easily or for those that don’t want to travel to the clinic.

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Call Andrew Friel Hearing FREE On 0800 111 4779

Now open 10am to 4pm Monday to Friday
Appointments are also available outside office hours.
General Enquiries Email: [email protected]


Hearing Aids

The right hearing aid can completely change your life! Most hearing impairments can be helped with a discreet and modern hearing aid. At Friel Hearing, our hearing aids are so small, no one ever needs to know you are wearing one.

They have a range of clever features, such as volume that automatically adjusts (without that dreaded whistle from the old fashioned hearing aids). Plus, they are tailored to fit your needs.

Why not try our 60-day free trial to see if a hearing aid can change your life?!

Wax Removal

Are your ears clogged, making everything sound muffled? Sometimes, hearing problems can be caused by a build-up of earwax. Friel Hearing provides safe and effecting ear wax removal.

Andrew is skilled and experienced at Microsuction ,the pinnacle of wax removal. You can come to one of our Lancashire clinics, or we can come to your home. Just get in touch to book an appointment.

Hearing Tests

Our hearing tests use Video Otoscopy and sound insulating headphones to test your hearing, ear health and the condition of the middle ear. Even when carried out at home, our hearing assessments are thorough.

If we detect wax, we can remove it there and then. If we believe you require hearing amplification, you will also get a demonstration of our hearing aids. You can then decide if you want to try the hearing aids for free for 60 days.

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