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Friel Hearing Services

Professional Hearing Services In Lancashire

Andrew Friel Hearing Services provides a range of hearing services that can be carried out in our Lancashire-based clinics or from the comfort of your own home. Our core services are: Hearing Tests, Wax Removal and Hearing Aids (including a FREE 60 day hearing aid trial). We also carry out hearing aid repairs.

Our team is led by Andrew Friel, a highly qualified Private Hearing Aid Audiologist with extensive experience.

Ear Wax Removal

Temporary hearing loss, whether it is sudden or occurs gradually, can be worrying. More often than not, it is caused by a build-up of ear wax (Cerumen) and can be extracted with professional ear wax removal.  Ear wax can also affect the performance of hearing aids.

At Andrew Friel Hearing Services, we offer professional, affordable and safe ear wax removal. This includes a Video Otoscopy to determine whether ear wax is the problem and then Micro Suction – the safest and most efficient type of ear wax removal.

Hearing Tests

Andrew is a trained clinician able to provide a comprehensive hearing assessment in your home. 1 in 6 people have a degree of hearing loss.

If untreated, it can impact your daily life and affect your confidence and self-esteem. With that in mind, it is always best to have a hearing test if you are having trouble hearing.

You may require something as simple as ear wax removal. Or you may benefit from hearing aids to help amplify your hearing. A comprehensive hearing assessment from Andrew Friel Hearing Services will establish the problem, if there is one, and take you through the next steps.

Hearing Aid Repairs

If you have a degree of hearing loss, your hearing aids will be invaluable to you. To ensure your hearing aids are always in full working order, Andrew carries out hearing instrument servicing and repairs. All repairs are carried out in branch by Andrew himself.

Bringing The Clinic To Your Home

Andrew Friel Hearing Services specialises in providing the highest quality of hearing care within the clients own home, without compromise. Explore our full range of services here:

  • Hearing Evaluations
  • Aftercare & Service Second To None
  • Free 60 Day Trial On All Hearing Aids (50% deposit required)
  • Hearing Aid Repair Service
  • Wax Removal Service (Micro-Suction Vacuum Specialist)
  • Local & 100% Independent – Serving Lancashire For Over 20 Years
  • Expert Rehabilitation And Counselling – Client Centred Approach
  • Batteries & Accessories – Postal Service
  • Hearing Conservation & Protection
60 day free trial




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