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FREE 60 Day Trial

All Hearing Aids are fitted for a free 60 day home trial*.

Hearing Aids Free Trial


Hearing aids can be life-changing. And thanks to modern technology, hearing aids are now small and discreet instruments that enhance your hearing without anyone knowing you are wearing them!

Plus, they have several clever features, including automatic volume control, which ensures they are never too loud or too quiet. They also feature automatic feedback reduction meaning they will not whistle like the old-fashioned hearing aids did.

At Friel Hearing, we provide a hearing aids free trial. This 60 day free trial allows you to try out your brand new hearing aids for 8+ weeks. You only have to pay a 50% deposit and if you don’t love them, you will receive a FULL refund.

Why Choose Friel Hearing?


Andrew Friel is a highly qualified Private Hearing Aid Audiologist with over 20 years’ worth of experience in hearing care. Aside from his Master’s degree in Audiological Science from University College, London, Andrew also has National Health recognised Clinical Certificates and NHS Hospital experience.

Andrew is a independent, local and trustworthy hearing aid specialist that will visit you in your home to discuss your hearing aid requirements. Your hearing aids will then be personally tailored to your needs.

Book Your Hearing Aid Free Trail

Get in touch with the Friel Hearing team by calling us on 0800 111 4779 to book your free trial.

Payment for the Aid is required on delivery of the Instrument, but this is fully refunded should client not be satisfied with purchase- less any non refundable charge for ear moulds.

Book a free 60 day trial of any hearing Aid

60 day free trial

*All Hearing Aids for the 60 day home trial require a 50% deposit which is totally refundable if the 60 day trial is unsuccessful.

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