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Andrew Friel Hearing Services specialises in the highest quality of Hearing care within the clients own home, without compromise

Trained Clinician

Andrew has worked within Hearing care for over 20 years and has a Masters degree in Audiological Science from University College, London. He is a highly qualified Private Hearing Aid Audiologist and also has National Health recognised Clinical Certificates and NHS Hospital experience.

Andrew has registration with the Health and Care Professions council (HCPC), as well as the Registration Council for Clinical Physiologists (RCCP).

Andrew is one of the few Private Hearing Aid Audiologists clinically trained for micro-suction removal of wax from the ear.

Domiciliary Visits without compromise

All testing equipment is the very latest in cutting edge diagnostic  technology which would normally be found in a Hospital or Clinical setting, but due to advancements in miniaturisation, this equipment is now portable, allowing Andrew to make a comprehensive hearing assessment in the clients own home.

During Testing, specialist headphones are employed to reduce any ambient noise that may be present in the home to ensure the accuracy of Hearing tests.

Independent, Local & Trustworthy

Andrew Friel Hearing Services is solely based within Lancashire, not affiliated with any National companies or Hearing Aid manufacturers and offers impartial, professional advice, based on the clinical needs of the client.  Andrew does not work to any “sales targets” and all Hearing Aids are fitted for a 60 day free trial.

Previously Andrew worked from centres in Blackpool, Burnley, Blackburn and Lancaster and has thousands of satisfied previous clients. Most of Andrews work originates from recommendations and client word of mouth.

Client centred approach

Andrew has the philosophy that the most important component of Hearing care is the patient themselves. Andrew listens to what each client has to say, is aware of their needs and expectations and welcomes any feedback they may have.  Everybody is individual; as is the personally tailored Hearing solution that Andrew provides.

Andrew Friel has worked within Hearing Care for 20 years and has a wealth of experience. Browse through Andrew's services such as:

• Hearing Tests • Domiciliary Visits • Wax Removal • Repairs and more.

A full range of batteries and accessories is available, which can be posted direct to your home.

From Batteries to Earol Wax Spray, Amplified Telephone to Drying Capsules

Most Hearing Impairments can
be helped with amplification in the form of a Hearing Aid. Miniaturisation has resulted in Hearing Aids becoming smaller, with many cosmetically discrete so there's no need for anyone
to know that you are wearing an Aid.

A Hearing Assessment is straight forward and for many patients a domiciliary visit is the easiest way to obtain this.

Andrew is a trained clinician giving clients a high level of service normally associated with a fixed clinic only without the inconvenience of having travel to one.