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How Do You Prepare To Get Waxed Removed From Your Ears?

Prior to your ear wax removal appointment, you will need to use ear drops for example Otex to soften the wax at least a week before the allocated time.

What Are The Benefits Of Having Wax Removed?

  1. Results

The entire process only takes a couple of minutes and more often that not no follow- up appointment is then needed.

  1. Safe For Previous Examinations

Having your wax removed is safe to do even if you have had previous examinations in your ears that has been similar to this wax removal process.

  1. Pinpoints exactly where the wax is

The doctors or nurses are able to see exactly where the wax is so it can be removed safely or if need be this would be the step where further help is brought in.

Ear wax Removal In Bolton With Friel Hearing

This is so it is possible for the wax to removed easily.

Having ear wax is normal as it is shows that the ear canal is healthy and also protects the ear too.

Quite often the wax in our ears moves down to our ear canal, which causes it to block and

results in temporary hearing loss.

Title graphic for Friel Hearing blog about the safest way to remove ear wax

The use of micro-suction is the best and also the safest method of removing wax from your ears. Friel Hearing is qualified in this wax removal service in Bolton, so you will not need to go to another clinic or be referred by your GP.

Micro-suction and removing wax can be done in two different ways.

These ways are Microsuction and syringing of the ears.


Before the micro-suction takes place there is also another way of seeing where the wax is in your ear. This can take place through an examination of using video technology to locate where the wax is and if it is in need of being removed.

Microsuction is one of the easiest and safest ways of cleaning your ears. This is done by using a microscope in your ears. This then helps it to assess and also treat the ear.

Microsuction also takes place at Friel Hearing in Bolton.


 Ear syringing happens when a small rubber bulb shaped object which is filled with water can be squirted into the ear to remove any of this wax

You can go into the Friel hearing branch and get the wax removed from one or two ears depending on which ear the wax needs removing from. The price for the in-branch removal will be £50.

If you prefer to have this done through a home visit the standard rate is £75 for the clearing of the wax in your ears. This will depend on whether you need one or two ears to be cleaned.

About Friel Hearing

Friel Hearing is a family run business and we specialise in ear wax removal, hearing test and other hearing care.

Friel hearing also does home visits for all of your hearing needs.

Andrew Friel and the owner of Friel hearing is a highly respected audiologist that has over 20 years’ experience in the hearing care industry and is both private and also NHS trained in this area of expertise.

Based in Lancashire, the company also works throughout the region.

How to Book with Friel Hearing?

You are able to book with in Friel Hearing services by going on our contact page and booking an appointment or alternatively ringing us up to book over the phone on 0800 111 4779


Why not contact Friel Hearing today on 0800 111 4779, or you can email them at: [email protected] or visit their contact page.