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Could gentle and beneficial ear wax removal be the best outcome for your hearing problems?

Ear wax does usually fall out on its own. If this does not happen, I would suggest that you put 2-3 drops of ear olive oil or ear drops in your ears for 3-5 days and do it 3-4 times a day.

It has been recommended that you use a dropping format while lying your head on the side for a few minutes, so the oil is able to do its job.

Why and When You Should Clean Out Ear Wax?

Here in Blackpool, we know that ear wax can be unnecessary at times, but the best solution is that you let a professional remove it.

An example of this would be the foremost ear specialist here at Friel hearing instead of you removing it yourself where more problems can happen.

One of our specialists needs to see what is going on and whether it is clogged up or if something else is going on.

The symptoms of this could be;

  1. pain in the ear
  2. you’re hearing is not as clear
  3. you listen to sounds like something is in the way
  4. feeling dizzy
  5. tinnitus and ringing of the ears

When Should You Worry If Your Ears Are Blocked?

You should start to worry if your ears are blocked when you begin to notice the signs of hearing loss.

Some forms of hearing loss can feel like your ears are blocked and clogged, which is known as a “blocked ear”, and if it lasts a long time, it needs to be checked out as soon as possible.

Other things to look out for with blocked ears are growths, lumps, and anything involved with having blocked ears and affecting you’re hearing.

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What Are the Benefits Of Ear wax Removal in Blackpool?

The results here in Blackpool are that they are very beneficial to the process of how ear wax is removed as;

  1. Instant Results

Once the procedure has taken place, you will instantly notice the results from this, as your ears will feel like they are brand new, and you will be able to hear more clearly and more than likely not need a follow-up appointment.

  1. No required preparation

Unlike other processes of ear wax removal, you do not need to prepare beforehand with micro-suction. It can remove hard or even soft ear wax, so you will not need to use ear drops ahead.

How Does Friel Hearing Remove Ear Wax In Blackpool?

This is completed after examining your ears to see if it needs further help in getting rid of the excess in your ears. This is so that our hearing specialist can get a bigger picture of what is going on overall.

The process is micro-suction is the safest and easiest option to get rid of that excessive ear wax that is probably causing you some discomfort.

This is performed by using the soft suction feeling inside the ear canal to slowly remove any unwanted wax in your ears so you can hear clearly.


After reading this post, would you consider getting wax removed from your ears?

Friel Hearing is based in Lancashire and is owned by Andrew Friel who is a highly skilled and NHS trained Private Audiologist with an impressive degree in Audiological Science as well as having over 20 years of experience in this field.

We offer a wide range of hearing services here in Blackpool as well as our other clinics or even better from the comfort of your own home. This includes micro suction and irrigation.

If you are in Lancashire and are interested in seeing which service would be the better option for you, you can call our clinic on 01254 699 997 or our Poulton-le- Fylde clinic on 01253 896 022.


Alternatively, you can email us on http://[email protected]