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The NHS, unfortunately, cannot provide the option of ear wax removal anymore. This is because of the safety risks the procedure has on the patients.

It has been recommended that people with ear wax problems either try to treat themselves or seek help from a pharmacist before needing extra help, e.g., GP.

Ear wax removal can now only occur in local doctors’ surgeries who can perform this procedure or in private clinics such as Andrew Friel Hearing services.

How To Know When You Need To Get Ear Wax Removed?

There are many different signs and symptoms when you might feel that you need to get this ear wax removed from your ears. These could be:

  1. Not being able to hear as well
  2. Pain in the ear or that they feel blocked
  3. The ringing of the ears
  4. Feeling dizzy or sick
  5. Cold like symptoms

Why Does The NHS No Longer Offer This Service?

The NHS can no longer offer their ear wax removal services because there have been many different reports of concern for people’s safety regarding the procedure available at the time.

The evidence linked to this report is that the method used before to remove ear wax was unsafe, and so it was agreed that it should not be used anymore.

However, there are now other safe methods for ear wax removal available in GP surgeries and Private clinics like Friel Hearing, which is ear suction.

Why Do The NHS And Doctors No Longer Provide Ear Wax Removal?

This ear wax removal process no longer takes place from a professional standpoint, and someone in this business because the items used to perform this were very forceful.

Also, the use of this concept damaged the primary membrane and the windows in the ears. This is a risky procedure that can lead to further problems, like ear infections.

wax removal with Friel Hearing Services

Where Does The NHS Recommend That You Go For This Service?

If you cannot do this ear wax removal situation through the NHS like you usually would, they recommend that you go to a pharmacy and get an ear wax removal bulb and some water to remove the wax.

The other option is that you go to a centre or service trained in performing this procedure but at a safer level, such as Friel Hearing services, as they can also do this closer.

How Can Friel Hearing Help The NHS?

Andrew Friel Hearing Services can help these patients who would typically go to the NHS for this ear wax removal service by delivering this service in their own home or one of their clinics.

Friel Hearing can help the NHS by offering a less evasive procedure for removing the unwanted wax that can cause more problems. For example, this could be hearing loss.

How Does The NHS Impact Other Ear Removal Specialists?

The NHS will impact all of these other ear wax removal specialists as they cannot provide this kind of treatment anymore.

But there are so many other private providers, e.g., Friel Hearing, that can deliver this kind of service as long as this can be done.

What Is An Alternative Method To The NHS To Remove Ear Wax?

An alternative method to the NHS is going to Andrew Friel Hearing services, as he has over 20 years of experience in this line of work in audiology and ear wax removal.

The method that Friel Hearing uses for ear wax removal is micro suction, as it can offer a safe and gentle way of removing this suborn wax.

This way of removing wax uses a soft suction or vacuum feeling as this is now the preferred method of removing wax for any patients as it is safe and harmless. I am using no source of water at all.

The comfort of their patients is one thing that they will never compromise on as a trusted Hearing clinic.

Would You Like To Know More About Friel Hearing Services?

Friel Hearing Services, is based in Lancashire and is run by Andrew Friel, a well-known and highly skilled NHS Hearing Audiologist with a degree and over 20 years of experience in hearing care.

At Friel Hearing, we offer a range of different hearing services that can be performed in our clinic or from the comfort of your own home – this includes ear wax removal.

If you are in the Lancashire area and are curious about finding which service will be exemplary for you, you can call our Blackburn clinic on 01254 699 997. On the other hand, email us at [email protected].