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Have you been struggling to hear any types of sounds, whether that is on the radio, finding it difficult to listen to what people are communicating to you, or turning in different directions to hear?

You’ll be pleased to know it isn’t unusual. Over 10 million people in the UK deal with hearing loss every year.

The important thing to point out is you have options. With Friel hearing, there is no obstacle to hearing correctly. In this blog, we shall give you the 5 signs you need to get your ears tested, and more importantly if you are dealing with them where can you go to get them tested.

What are The Main Signs That Your Ears Need To Be Tested?

What are the five main signs that you may need to schedule a hearing test?

1.   It’s Been A Period Since You Had Your Last Hearing Assessment Booked In

Finding the early signs of hearing loss and watching closely is very useful for your hearing on a long-term basis. Having your ears tested should be a regular thing and part of your routine check-ups. These should happen every three years or sooner if you notice any changes during these appointments.

Should you not have had or booked your yearly check-up yet, I suggest you schedule a simple test to get your ears tested with an audiologist such as Andrew at Friel Hearing. At this clinic, our certified audiological specialist offers these ear tests for adults in person or in the comfort of their own homes at one of our leading clinics in Blackburn.

If you are starting to realise that you may see the signs you need to get your ears tested, don’t hold back; make that appointment.

There are so many benefits to booking this test earlier than later. Finding out different things about your hearing and how to solve this is an issue without needing any further steps.

2.   Concerns From Family And Friends

Have you noticed that your family members and close friends are starting to see the changes in your hearing?

They may have noticed that you are asking them to repeat things on a more frequent basis, and you are not being your usual self as you are being quiet or not there in social situations and have the volume turned up when watching the TV.

If you notice these signs, I would highly suggest getting your ears tested at Friel Hearing by our well-known audiologist Andrew.

3.   Ringing Noises And Buzzes

When you are going about your daily life, are you noticing that you are hearing a continued or systematic noise known as tinnitus? And if you are not careful, it is a hearing condition that can negatively affect your life.

So this is a known issue that is often one of the first signs of hearing loss. Having extra help can cancel out some of these sensations that you might be feeling, but the first thing that I would suggest is to get your ears tested at one of our Friel Hearing clinics.

This will all depend on whether the issue you are having is just hearing loss or tinnitus or something else that could be worse. Getting that appointment booked straight away is the only way to determine what is going on. This will also help you feel at ease about what might be going on.

4.   Listening Makes You Tired

Putting in the work to hear when you have hearing loss that has not been treated yet can leave you feeling so exhausted by the end of a conversation that you have been having with someone and the end of the day.

When your hearing is not working at its best, your brain will then have to put in more work to understand the sounds that are going on around you and your environment. So the “listening tiredness” is quite common, especially in people with hearing loss, which can affect you in many other situations.

Untreated hearing loss is not something that you should have to live with. By booking an appointment at a clinic like Friel hearing, you can get your ears tested, and figure out what action should be taken next.

5.   Headaches From Electronics

Getting headaches from electronics may make you think that this could be a sign of a possible problem with your hearing, but it actually can be. Over time, your body will react to the devices you use that affect your hearing because you are relying on them too much.

If you are still getting headaches after doing one of these things, it could be your body telling you that you need to get your ears tested and book in immediately with Friel hearing and Andrew, so this problem is sorted once and for all.

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Would You Like To Know More About Friel Hearing Services?

Friel Hearing Services is based in Lancashire and is run by Andrew Friel, a well-known and highly skilled NHS Hearing Audiologist with a degree and over 20 years of experience in hearing care.

At Friel Hearing, we offer a range of different hearing services that can be performed in our clinic or from the comfort of your own home – this includes hearing tests.

If you are in the Lancashire area and are curious about finding which service will be exemplary for you, you can call our Blackburn clinic on 01254 699 997. On the other hand, email us at [email protected].