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This would all depend on whether you go private or decide to go to your doctor for an audiologist referral. If you go private, you can expect to pay between £50 and £160.

Here at Friel Hearing, we charge £50 for a hearing test if you come to one of our branches.

Did you know that it is a fact that there are approximately 11 million people in our country with a level of hearing loss?

Which makes this the second most common disability in the UK, which is also a hidden disability.

So, let’s have a look at the types of hearing tests before you decide if you want to go private or through the NHS.

Hearing Tests

Free Hearing Tests

 There are four main ways in which you can get your hearing checked.

You can get your hearing test free from your healthcare provider if you are eligible. Your doctor may also send you to a specialist, such as an audiologist who can also perform the examination.

Online Hearing Tests

 You can complete a simple hearing test online as well.

The results from this test will then tell you if you need to go and see someone in this field in a face to face situation and have further testing done.

Pharmacies and Opticians

 Quite many local pharmacies and opticians can also do these hearing tests.

The test they can do is free unless any further treatment is needed, then you will need to pay for it, for example hearing aids.

Private Audiologist Hearing Tests

If you decide to have a private hearing test at a clinic like ours, we will perform a full diagnostic assessment.

This would include assessing the level of your hearing, the areas of concern we might have and any other underlying problems that may not have been noticed.

The audiologist will then sit down and work with you to discuss and plan what works for you and your healing journey.


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How Does Friel Hearing Test for Hearing Loss?

Friel Hearing is a trained company that gives its clients a top-of-the-range service.

At Friel Hearing, you can have this test completed from the comfort of your own home so you can feel at ease instead of having to rush to a scheduled clinic appointment.

Friel Hearing Test Guarantee

At Friel Hearing, the hearing test assessment will include;

  • A look at the previous history of your hearing
  • Wax removal if necessary
  • A thorough hearing assessment using noise cancelling headphones
  • Tympanometry, which is a technique to diagnose disorders that lead to hearing loss.
  • Once your test is finished, you will be given a copy of your results and the next steps, if any, will be discussed with you.

What is the Average Cost of a Hearing Test?

We charge between £50 and £75 for a thorough hearing test.

Feel like your hearing needs to be checked?


Why not contact Friel Hearing today on 0800 111 4779, email us at: [email protected] or visit our contact page.