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The Impacted type of ear wax is a prevalent form of wax. But as you get older and are in this age category will start to experience more problems because of the build-up of the wax. The main symptom that it can cause is hearing loss, and the process of getting rid of this wax can also be affected.

The great thing is we will look further into this topic through this blog post.

Who Is At Risk Of Dealing With Impacted Earwax?

You can be at significant risk for this if you already have a known health condition that can worsen and lead to ear wax build-up and hearing loss.

If this was to happen and you were going to proceed to put objects in your ears, such as hearing aids, but for a lot of people, they may not have an option but to do this.

The older generation with problems with their cognitive memory will sadly be affected by this type of issue.

Different Signs And Symptoms Of Ear Wax Build-up

The signs of the build-up of ear wax will vary on the colour of it. Also, this does not necessarily mean that a blockage is inside the ear and is a form of hearing loss.

The signs to look out for with a build-up are:

  1. Hearing loss that is on the temporary side
  2. A form of ringing in the ears called tinnitus
  3. Your ears feel full
  4. Overall earache

But if you do not keep a good eye on this hearing loss, it can, unfortunately, lead to a form of infection. So with this being said, if this were the case, I would highly recommend that you go to the doctors and inform them of what is going on based on the signs you are experiencing.

The symptoms to think about for this are:

  1. Unbearable pain in your ears
  2. Pain that does not budge
  3. Your ears are leaking
  4. High fever
  5. Coughing
  6. Hearing loss has gotten worse
  7. Bad smell coming from your ears
  8. A certain amount of dizziness

Friel Hearing Blog Image - A man is itching his ear. He may need Ear Wax Removal In Poulton-le-Fylde

How Can Friel Hearing Help With This Earwax Build-Up?

Andrew at Friel Hearing can help you with this issue by performing a few different tests and a quick procedure if need be.

This would include them, first and foremost, trying to retrieve the wax out of your ears that was causing the blockage through a process called micro-suction wax removal. This is a moderately invasive procedure as it all entails Andrew using a machine that performs like the vacuum suction and is also safe and harmless.

They would then see your significant amount of hearing loss due to this build and whether you need a hearing aid to help you further once you have received your hearing assessment results.

Ear Wax And Ear Wax Impaction

When we think of our ears, it’s earwax; this is usually because we want to get it removed. However, remember that this isn’t always bad, as the most important thing is how your ears look in general, and if not, this could cause an infection.

What Is The Best Way To Remove An Ear Wax Blockage By Yourself?

The one thing that I would recommend you do not do whatsoever is an attempt to put items in your ears to clean them out. So many people are dealing with hearing loss because of a build-up of the bad habit of inserting cotton buds into their ears to try and keep them safe and listening better.

But did you know that, rather than helping this situation more often than not, you are making it worse as the ear wax will be moving further down the ear canal, making it hard to remove?

What Would Friel Hearing Recommend That You Do To Remove This Issue?

The first thing that they would recommend is that you make an appointment with Andrew Friel, our top audiologist here at the Friel hearing clinic..

Our next step will be to see if it is possible to perform a video otoscopy to see what level of wax sin inside the ear, using the most up-to-date technology.

It is also possible to observe a live view of your ear drum and ear canal through this process using a small device. For example, if the camera detected an amount of ear wax, Andrew would explain the next steps.

Can Ear Wax Affect Hearing?

If too much ear wax has been located within the ear, it can block the ear canal that acts as a barrier that would prevent any sound waves from passing from the outside world into your inner ear. This is another hearing loss that is caused by, and it is called conductive hearing loss.

This definition is all hearing loss is caused by any issues that interfere with the central ear canal. When all of these sound waves that we hear daily are blocked because of the build-up and of your ear wax, this is how conductive hearing loss happens and makes all sounds seem muffled.

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Is Hearing Loss That Is Caused By Earwax Build-Up A Massive Problem?

According to a study, earwax build-up is a known and reversible form of hearing loss. Unfortunately, in a situation like this, it does go untreated. Because of this, earwax build-up, in general, is one of the most common links to conductive hearing loss.

The concept of hearing loss that is naturally caused by earwax can happen to anyone. Still, it is a lot more common amongst the elderly and also the individuals who are disabled, by up to 30%.

This kind of health issue can also lead to other ones that hurt one’s quality of life if left untreated.

Can The Build-Up Of Earwax That Is Blocking Your Ears Make You Deaf?

When someone is experiencing a blockage within their ears through the impact of the earwax and how this happened could be the link to how they have suddenly gone deaf and have hearing loss. The good news is that not many people lose their hearing entirely, which is not linked to the build-up in their ears.

If this is the case, sometimes the sensation you may feel because your hearing loss has suddenly gone down south can feel like a massive change.

This usually happens because water has made it into the ear canal, which is involved with the build-up of ear wax, the swelling, and the sealing of the ear canal.

Our hearing is part of our daily life; sometimes, we take it for granted. But losing any part of our hearing will be somewhat of an immediate challenge. So, to solve this issue once and for all, I recommend that you find the right person to deal with the problem and someone like Andrew at the Friel hearing.

Would You Like To Know More About Friel Hearing Services?

Friel Hearing Services is based in Lancashire and is run by Andrew Friel, a well-known and highly skilled NHS Hearing Audiologist with a degree and over 20 years of experience in hearing care.

At Friel Hearing, we offer a range of different hearing services that can be performed in our clinic or from the comfort of your own home; this includes hearing loss.

If you are in the Lancashire area and are curious about finding which service will be exemplary for you, you can call our Blackburn clinic on 01254 699 997. On the other hand, please email us at [email protected].