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Our ears are self-cleaning. So, it is recommended that they should not require any cleaning regularly. It is best to leave them to what they do best.

Earwax plays a vital role in your overall ear health; it is naturally an ant-bacterial and will help you to protect the delicate parts of your ears. So, removing any of the wax would only be necessary if you felt any issues were arising.

In this blog, we will be giving tips on when you should get the ear wax removed if you felt that was an option for you, and if so, Friel hearing is the clinic in which this can be removed.

What Are Some OF The Signs That You Should Get Ear Wax Removed?

The only time that it should be essential to get your ear wax removed from your ears is if you are starting to notice some changes in how your ears are working and it is affecting how you hear and have any symptoms such as:

  1. Your ears feel itchy
  2. Ears feel full
  3. Tinnitus (ringing of the ears)
  4. Notice a change in your hearing
  5. Dizzy spells
  6. Earache or any kind of pain

If you are the patient that usually produces a lot more ear wax and makes you more prone to build-up, Andrew at Friel hearing will recommend how often you should get them cleaned at the clinic.

When Should You Consider More Frequent Ear Wax Removal?

A study has found that 2.3 million people in the UK experience ear wax problems each year that require them to get further help to relieve any of the discomforts and get the ear wax removed at a clinic such as Friel Hearing.

For the patients and people that wear a hearing aid and are prone to a lot more ear wax build-up, this can affect the function of how the hearing aid works, so your hearing aid practitioner will recommend that you get it removed every three months.

If you are starting to notice any symptoms that might affect your hearing aids performing to the best of their ability, it is then a great idea to book an appointment at Friel hearing to get this ear wax removed:

  1. Muffled hearing
  2. Pain in the ear
  3. Fullness in the ear
  4. Discharge or notice wax coming out of your ear

Should You Get Your Ear Wax Removed When You Have An Ear Condition?

Quite a lot of us will have experienced tinnitus shortly after being near or exposed to loud noises. It is the persistent kind of sound you have realised will not go away, and you may never get used to it happening. In severe cases, it can cause you to lose sleep.

Tinnitus will go away once the sound levels have calmed down a bit. It can also happen because of the excessive amount of ear wax build-up or a blockage in the ear. This can also be a symptom of another disease.

In any case, it is recommended that you see a hearing specialist like Andrew at Friel hearing to get this ear wax removed to slow down some of these signs.

How To Get Ear wax Removed And What You Should Not Do?

If you feel that your ear wax problem is not severe enough, but you do feel the unwanted levels of ear wax build-up, you can gently clean the outside of the ears with a washcloth or use a few drops of ear drops to soften the ear wax.

By now, you should know that it is not recommended to use a cotton bud to remove ear wax or clean your ears. This is because many studies have shown that this way of cleaning your ears is ineffective and can even cause some injuries to the ears.

You should not use ear candles to remove the wax from your ears as they are meant to be inserted into the ear canal and lit at the very end, but it has been mentioned that doing this process can cause burns or even pierce the inside of the ear.

What Treatments Can Be Used To Remove Ear Wax?

There are many different ways to remove ear wax treatments are:

  1. Ear drops- using drops three times a day for a few days will help soften the earwax so it can fall out by itself.
  2. Ear irrigation- a quick and pain-free procedure in which an electric pump is used to direct water into your ears and wash away the wax.

Micro suction- a quick and painless procedure where a small device is used to suck the wax out of your ears, and this treatment are available at Friel hearing.

Friel Hearing Blog Image - A man is itching his ear. He may need Ear Wax Removal In Poulton-le-Fylde

What Can You Do To Prevent Ear Wax Build-Up?

I would suggest you clean them regularly to stop them from getting any type of build-up that could lead to an infection or needing further treatment to remove this issue.

I recommend that you do not try to scrape out the wax from your ears with any object, as this will make this ear wax removal process so much worse.

See the doctors or audiologists like Andrew Friel at Friel hearing if you need further help and guidance.

Would You Like To Know More About Friel Hearing Services?

Friel Hearing Services is based in Lancashire and is run by Andrew Friel, a well-known and highly skilled NHS Hearing Audiologist with a degree and over 20 years of experience in hearing care.

At Friel Hearing, we offer a range of different hearing services that can be performed in our clinic or from the comfort of your own home, including ear wax removal.

If you are in the Lancashire area and are curious about finding which service will be exemplary for you, you can call our Blackburn clinic on 01254 699 997. On the other hand, email us at [email protected].